Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has exploded as a go to form of customer interaction and advertising since the first days of Facebook and Twitter being used for business purposes. What started out as networks for friends and classmates to connect via has been blown open via internet marketers into a massive opportunity for elevating revenues. Something which has gone in multiple directions, both Facebook and LinkedIn have achieved massive growth and hugely elevated business success through the introduction of paid advertising and subscription based services used by businesses and marketers. But it takes a great deal of work in order to be successful with it.

A Daily Tweet Is Not Enough

If you are tweeting once a day then you are not doing social media marketing. It goes far deeper than a status update, sharing a new product or posting a cute/funny/beautiful picture. Lots of people have social media accounts and use them for work, but there is a real difference that brings in the dimension of marketing.

Sir Richard Branson A Great Social Media Marketer

Sir Richard Branson is an outstanding example of quality marketing via social media, notably his twitter account. He is sharing content on an exceptionally regular basis, multiple times a day. Is it about virgin products and services? At times certainly. Yet he does a lot more with it. He has built up a huge following that he engages with through the sharing of interesting content. He has made a real art of doing “silly” things (things that many would consider silly that is, though are mostly either what people would consider slightly embarassing or overly adventurous) that bring attention, create empathy and cause people to think about him, what he is doing and of course by extension his brand. He shapes his interactions with the public in a wonderful way and it has helped him to build a wonderful reputation for himself and the Virgin brand.

Building Up Your Following And Reputation Through Social Content

We work in much the same way for you as a partnered client of Complete SEO Services. We generate and share via social media accounts content which helps you to build up a following and engage them with content that provides value to them and their lives. We go into this in much greater detail with you in terms of the mechanics following your successful application for partnered services be your requirement in the UK or within the USA.

Social Media Marketing An Element Of Digital Marketing And Ethical SEO

A quality social media marketing campaign forms a special part of the digital branding and ethical SEO work we do for you as a partnered client. When done well it massively increases your profile and reputation, drawing a great deal of attention to what you do and thus attracting greater recognition and the development of a stronger brand. Through engaging people in this way you break down many of the barriers to creating rapport and engaging them as a customer rather than a cold prospect. When they come to you through social media they are already “warm” to what you do and who you are, you have built a level of trust and endearment, they have started to like you and you have the beginnings of a relationship with them. All of which can then be further shaped into creating a greater win-win that benefits both them and your business through engagement and provisioning of quality products and services which will help them achieve better results with their businesses or lives. If this sounds like the sort of thing your business needs and you a running a quality ethical business then please go to the application for services, fill it our fully and initiate action that can take your business to a far higher level through quality digital marketing, ethical SEO and engaging Social Media Marketing!